My name is Thierry vengrasamy. I am an artists, graphic designer, Remixer, Songwriter, Business man and Entrepreneur.

I’ve started music and art for 20 years ago. I started by writing lyrics and art. Vocally I started off as a singer that turned rapper. I have been producing for 15years. I also studied audio engineering when I sharpened up my skills. I was also a Djing at birthday parties, Mauritian events, wedding. I also preformed percussion for Melbourne band and was in a duo in a band call xq. I have produce a few artists in my community. I had my art published in the Mazenod collage year book in 2000. I have been nominated at Disney land for my poem in 2003.

I have studied a Certificate in Visual Arts, Certificate in Multimedia, Certificate in Electronic Publishing, Certificate in Small Business and a Degree in Audio Engineering. I improve my own style and skills getting better thought out the years. I am always trying new things to get better. I am always up to date with the music and art trends. I am also open’ minded and I am always there to lean new things. As my mum says, “You’re never too old to learned”. I love a good challenge and there’s nothing more challenging than the challenge to improved.

I have Rapped in my own track solo know as Thierry v and in a duo group call xq. Which you can find on iTunes, Spotify, google play and Amazon. Xq has been release in 2009. Thierry v has two songs Boss and positive thinking that have been release in 2018. There’s also a lot more coming up from us.

I’ve also have had my own graphic designer business in 2006. I’ve design everything from Event Posters, Club Passes, Cd covers, Business Cards, Logos and Business quotation sheets.