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Verse 1

All I see is red
The colour of love
I need that high buzz
Natural energy
That I get from love
You were just a friend
You weren’t like those skane
Had the right approached
With your sweet kindness
We had very close dreams
You been a rock star
That knows how to dance
Me I make the stars
That also moves well
Let’s make the world dance
Under our two stars

These feeling are true
When we’re together
But apart breaks me
Come back come back now

Verse 2

There’s girls with your name
Girls with your swagger
But none will be you
One in a million
Is what you are girl
What they want to be
Wrong information
Feed by the media
Why don’t we hang out?
Give me a whole day
Give me a whole night
We’re do what u like
I change your summer
I’ll show you what’s fun
Give you warm winter
With kisses & hugs


Verse 3

Am I awake now?
Or am I dreaming
Didn’t think I’ll change
You turned me from bad
To be something good
You been on my mind
From month turn to days
Hope this reaches you
Before feelings fades
And you will miss me
After you get hurt
And you won’t find me
So take your chance now
Won’t wait for ever
Happy together
Is what we can be


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